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25.4.2016 20:44


"I'm not trying to illustrate the events of Tolstoy's novel. My ballet is something completely different - it's a choreographic psychoanalysis of Anna's mind. "(Boris Eifman)

Theatre guru Boris Eifman is in no way a stranger to Slovak audiences. His spectacular dance productions such as Rodin and Up & Down have already fascinated Bratislava in the past. This time around he returns with one of the most famous works by Russian writer Leo Tolstoy, a masterpiece of realistic fiction, the tragic novel Anna Karenina.

This grim story of a broken aristocrat set to the background of Russian feudal society of late 19th century became an inspiration to countless composers, theatre and film director and the general public. Let us at least mention one of the most prominent film adaptations directed by Joe Wright, with great actors Keira Knightley and Jud Law (2012).

A woman driven by passion, the steamy superficial veneer of aristocratic life and shaken turbulent relationships with her husband and lover is depicted by Eifman through charged dance performance. One of the most tragic and scorching figures of world literature is brought to life with the help of an innovative modern interpretation, consisting of a brief but captivating music scene covered with snippets of Tchaikovsky works. Tolstoy’s novel was labelled by contemporaries - and also modern critics – as a flawless artistic achievement, and is coming to the 2016 festival, in a new, visually compelling adaptation by the most famous European ballet company of today.

This truly untraditional dance production provides an insight into the relationship between duty and love, sacrifice for the sake of society and for individual goals. Through a thorough psychological analysis of choreographic precision, Eifman provides audiences with a particularly impressive visual feast for the eyes as well as a spectacular insight into the female psyche.

We invite you to the most successful ballet production by the Russian Eifman Ballet – the spectacular Anna Karenina that can be seen as part of the in Eurokontext.sk2016 festival on the 2nd and 3rd of June 2016 at 19:00 at the New Slovak National Theatre building.

In tomorrow’s feature you can find out why Eifman’s Anna Karenina is one of the events you should not miss...

Tickets can be purchased on-line from or from our Box Offices. Should you prefer to make a reservation, please call +421 2 204 72 289 or send an e-mail to

Natalie Dongová, SND PR

Video – ANNA KARENINA (official trailer 2.)