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20.4.2016 17:28

SND artists: Why we are going to 2016

The 2016 International Theatre Festival is one of the most important theatrical events of the year. Unlike the previous years - which focused on drama - this time around audiences can enjoy the best of the European opera and ballet scene. In addition to domestic performances and long-awaited premieres by the SND Opera and Ballet, the Festival is set to host companies from Russia, Hungary, France, Germany, Spain and the Czech Republic.

High quality art of course attracts domestic artists and members of all three Slovak National Theatre departments. What is their performance of choice, and what captures their interest the most on the festival line-up?

Pavol Remenár, SND Opera soloist

"Friends, I would like to invite you to an extraordinary production by the Prague National Theater, which will be guesting at I was fortunate enough to participate in the making of what is for me the most beautiful of Janáček's operas - From the House of the Dead, which is the result of collaboration between young director Dana Špinar conductor Robert Jindra and a team of outstanding soloists. And this cooperation worked out really great ... The unusual perspective of the work as well as the distinctive musical-dramatic scripting provides audiences with a truly profound experience. I highly recommend it! From among the soloists I would like to mention Stefan Margita as Filko Morozov and Jozef Moravec as Skuratov. I sing Šiškova. "


Gabriela Dzuríková, SND Drama member

"I have chosen 5 titles: Slovak dance, Birdie, Blood Wedding, Harlequin restor'D! and Romeo and Juliet. Each of them has a Slovak, French, Spanish, German and Slovenian-Spanish style, so it will be interesting to see the diversity of stage energy and production. "


Peter Dedinský, SND Ballet soloist

"Dear audiences, since all titles on offer at the festival are high quality productions, we will not recommend just one, but all! They are productions which are very good and worth seeing at the Slovak National Theatre. Whether you go to the opera or ballet, you will not regret it! "


Andrea Vizvári, SND Opera soloist

Personally I have selected the unique and the only opera by Beethoven - Fidelio from among our domestic productions. Beethoven was extremely strict with himself and his surroundings. In addition, he was sensitive to the injustices that were suffered by individuals and society. This subject is something he was able to masterfully translate into this opera. My affection for him increased due to the fact that he had a really fervent personal relationship with Slovakia. From guest performances the opera Fiery Angel by Sergei Prokofiev interests me. Since I have never seen this opera, I look forward the story, as I do the music of this Russian giant of the 20th century. "


Milan Ondrík, SND Drama member

"I am very supportive of this project. The last edition - focused on drama performances - was proof that Europe does really good performing arts. This year we expect an equally interesting selection of performances reflecting the current state of leading opera and ballet stages in Europe. It is a really great idea to visit the festival, watch the performances and confront those of creators and compare. I believe that this year once again we can convince audiences that Slovakia can host theatre at an international level. "


Cosmina Maria Sobota Zaharia, SND Ballet soloist

"For sure I will not miss the performance of Anna Karenina by Boris Eifman, considered his best work. The same goes for the Compañía Antonio Gades, because I have always been fascinated by flamenco, because the Latin blood in me can not refute it! Although I am aware of my professional and private workload, in the corner of the soul I hope that I will get to see the performance of the original Pal Frenák’s Birdie. God Beloved by the Košice Mozart and Salieri State Theatre also it caught my attention... As you can see, it is very difficult to decide what to choose. So I recommend coming to the theatre, the program is varied and interesting, everyone will find something to their liking. Do not hesitate and enjoy your evenings at the SND Theatre Festival! You will not regret it! "

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