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26.4.2016 18:45

Why go to see Anna Karenina?

 "The most complicated collisions in life and the philosophical problems of mankind have been solved by Eifman, along with the help of the plasticity of the human body and dance, breathtaking dynamics and "dead" still breaks."(Igor Stupnik, Saint Peterburgs Vedomosti)

Slovak National Theatre International 2016Theatre Festival is fast approaching. One of the main draws of the program is the captivating dance work produced by the Russian Eifman Ballet - Anna Karenina. In the next article of this exceptional feature, we offer several reasons why you should select the Eifman Ballet from the 2016 festival program.

Anna Karenina is filled with emotion and excitement

Boris Eifman will amaze you with his innovation of theatrical conventions, playing with light and with shadow through which he creates very specific scenic areas and places that have a much more intimate character than most epic ballet productions. The work of Boris Eifman is dramatic and emotionally charged, driven by his theatrical sensibility. Anna Karenina is a ballet full of excitement...

Interesting fact: The visually stunning costumes that serve to enhance the development of the story are designed to prolong the bodies of dancers, whilst not hindering their demanding movement requirements.

Boris Eifman is the master of dance and theatrical language

Boris Eifman is one of the world’s leading choreographers. A personality who is regarded as a "stunning theatrical magician", requires of his dancers - who undergo exclusive academic preparation – a new vocabulary of movement.

"What I do can be called dance of emotions, dance of freedom, a new language that combines classical ballet, modern dance and aesthetic impulses."

This is a completely new kind of choreography, which unlike traditional ballet productions is built around exposure gestures, drawing the audience’s attention to subtle and gradually revealing dramatic and emotional moments through the dramaturgy of movement. Eifman explores the secrets of the human soul, opening the audience’s door to the philosophical contemplation of life through movement.

Interesting fact: His works are attractive to the younger generation. As he himself says, these ballet production give young people the opportunity to re-assess and reflect on their knowledge of important personalities in both literature and history in a way that amplifies emotions and feelings, which are in this case expressed in dance.

The Eifman ballet is simply IN

The Eifman ballet is not a typical ballet company. Of course, its members receive intensive daily classical training, but despite their perfect technique it exudes realism and expressiveness of emotions from them, akin to that of a dramatic actor. This immerses us in its power to such an extent that we are fascinated by every single second of stage action.  

Interesting fact: Eifman has created more than 40 ballets, not only for the Eifman Ballet, but also for other ballet companies around the world. His company includes 50 dancers, which he deems to be the "optimal number". Eifman collaborates only with Russian-speaking artists, but as he himself has said, "The techniques of American and European dancers can enrich our group."

Getting to see the Eifman Ballet is like meeting the Queen of England

Holding a ticket to the Eifman Ballet in your hand is truly one of life’s a special moments. If you tried unsuccessfully to get a ticket last year, you know what we are talking about. Productions by the Exquisite Boris Eifman at the Slovak National Theatre sell out shortly after being announced. Participate at one of these performances may even mean that you become part of cultural and theatre history; because the style and striking and extremely innovative concept of Boris Eifman ballet art is something that will probably never happen again.

Interesting fact: The Eifman Ballet has guested at the SND twice in the past. For the first time in 2014 with the engrossing biographical ballet Rodin, the second time in 2015 with the world premiere of Up & Down. 3235 people saw him in Bratislava. Become one of them!

We invite you to the most successful ballet production by the Russian Eifman Ballet – the spectacular Anna Karenina as part of the 2016 festival on the 2nd and 3rd of June 2016 at 19.00 at the New Slovak National Theatre Building.

Tickets can be purchased on-line from or from our Box Offices. Should you prefer to make a reservation, please call +421 2 204 72 289 or send an e-mail to

Natalie Dongová, SND PR


Boris Eifman and his last rehearsal before the performance of Anna karenina at the Peking National Theatre.