About performance

Award-winning choreographer and dancer Pál Frenák founded his first French group in 1989 in Paris and in 1999 the Hungarian-French ensemble based in Budapest and Paris was created. work uses a variety of classical and modern techniques and represents a unique dance style. One of the most important features in his work is the use of sign language and body movements that reflect different genres of contemporary art; from fashion through to theatre, music the circus. In his new work Birdie combines unique choreographic structure with clean sophisticated stage design inspired by contemporary architecture and design that defines the movements of the dancers.

Birdie – isolation and loneliness. Freedom and infinity. Pála Frenák’s new work is about the physical and emotional limits within ourselves and the way our imagination creates a whole new reality.

“Birdie is an astonishing, moving and extraordinarily beautiful portrait of human emotions and feelings, with a crystal clear structure and excellent dance qualities. Birdie is a masterpiece.”

Running time: 55 mins without interval

Production team

Choreography and concept Pál Frenák
Music Levy Norman
Set design Lakos Dániel - Tervhivatal, Majoros Gyula
Lighting Máté Vajda
Sound András Horváth
Production Dóra Juhász
With the support of Művészetek Palotája, Nemzeti Táncszínház, Budapesti Tavaszi Fesztivál, Scene Nationale d'Evreux-Louviers, EMMI, NKA


SIMON Renáta, Yosmell CALDERÓN MEJÍAS, Nelson REGUERA, BUKTA Gergő, MAURER Milán, Latasha PUGH, KERTÉSZ Endre  

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2.Category 60 €
3.Category 40 €
4.Category 22 €
Student, pensioner, ISIC, ITIC, Euro 26 ---
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